Friday, 14 June 2013


Well to say the past few months have been mad is an understatement. Thank God for Summer Breaks! (Although we seem to be devoid of any Summer here in Manchester!)

So as any regular readers will be aware I have been on hiatus for a little while whilst I struggled to balance work, home and studying with this here little blog. It was far too much of a struggle to keep things running whilst attending University, a million and one appointments and the rest of the everyday stuff us mums have to do. But now I can return! Well at least every so often for the foreseeable future.

I have barely had time to game the past few months whilst I ironed out the minutiae of my dissertation proposal but it is now underway (barely) so I can return for a little me time, yay!

SO I have LOADS of reviews incoming for you! Some are from before my little hiatus so may feel a little out of date, but if you have been holding off on buying the reviews may serve as a little reminder for you. Thankfully some lovely developers have not forgotten me and I have some new games to review too! I will also be throwing out some opinion pieces in the games I have played just for fun in my rare downtime these last few months.

We have SO much to catch up on! What were your thoughts on E3? Are you going to purchase the Xbox One? Have you already pre-ordered? What have been your gaming highlights so far this year? I'll be giving you my opinions in a little while!

Thanks for reading xXx

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