Friday, 23 September 2016

The Turing Test (Xbox One) - Review

The Turing Test is available now on the Xbox One and is priced at £15.99.

I'm typing this fresh from completing it this morning. I played it until 2am the night before, before I had to give in and attempt to get some sleep and the minute I could today I jumped back in to finish it off. It really is a fantastic game (and it's easy to get all of the achievements). 

I came to it knowing a little bit about Alan Turing and The Turing Test but the game explains everything well anyway so you can go in blind and not miss out. So don't worry if you haven't fully researched Alan Turing and his accomplishments. You won't be alone. 

I always struggle to review a game like this. A game with a story so rich that I'm still pondering it hours - sometimes even days - later. I came to this expecting it to be primarily a puzzle game (which, obviously it is) with a story shoehorned in so that you feel compelled to continue. The Turing Test couldn't be further from this, for me at least. I made my way through the various rooms as fast as I could, hungry for the next story section. And right through to the very end it never disappointed me. 

It feels petty with a game like this to boil it down to it's various sections and discuss all of the elements that make it what it is. The game is slick and thought-provoking and the story is truly intriguing, which for me is so much more important than a game looking picture perfect. That isn't to say the graphics aren't great, they are, but they just play second fiddle to the meat of The Turing Test. The voice acting deserves some recognition here because The Turing Test features some incredible talent. The same can be said for the games soundtrack, often with a puzzle game I end up turning the music right down in the mix because they can be pretty annoying, but I never even considered doing it whilst I was playing The Turing Test, even if it did risk waking the kids up. 

As you work your way through the game you will unlock new ways to interact with your environment. I really enjoyed the puzzles in this game, they made sense to me and I never found myself completely stuck. I sometimes had to step back and think for a second but I never had to restart a level, which speaks volumes for the level designs. I had fun working my way through some of the more involved sections and can honestly say I never felt like I was burning out. 

I have one gripe with this game, yep, just one. It isn't a particularly big problem but my god I found it really annoying. After pretty much each chamber I encountered a significant load time. I'd be walking down the corridor to the next room when everything stops and the little swirly ball of doom would appear for anything from 30 seconds to two minutes. I hope they patch this, because it does remove you from the action and disturb the flow of the game quite significantly, which is a real shame for an otherwise perfect game.

I don't want to tell you to much about this game, I want you to experience it. It is easy to recommend this game to each and every one of you that read this review. It's an amazing experience and a lot of fun to boot. Go grab it! 
9/10 BUY IT!
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