Monday, 5 September 2016

Slime Rancher (Xbox One) - Preview

Slime Rancher is available now through the Xbox One Game Preview Program and is priced at £15.99.

I quickly used the one hour trial for this game during the summer holidays, it looked like the perfect game to enjoy with my kids and I really wasn't wrong! Don't be fooled by its bright and colourful appearance though, this game offers a rich enough experience for the adults to enjoy too.

Slime Rancher takes you to a faraway planet inhabited by different slimes. These slimes happen to have valuable shit. Literally, you are now going to make a living selling poo. Congratulations on your lucrative new career.

It's an extremely simplistic concept that has been executed perfectly in my opinion. You have a gun of sorts which allows you to suck up the slimes, food, poo, water and chickens and deposit them somewhere else. You buy different enclosures on your ranch like corrals for keeping your slimes safe, gardens to grow crops and coops for your chickens. There are different slimes to be found in the various areas, all of which have a different colour poo which all vary differently in their worth. And whatever you do don't put all of your slimes in one corral. It ends badly. See my recent Twitter pic if you don't believe me ( Why can you not save some space? Because slimes are disgusting creatures that will eat each others poo. They then become "Largos" and if they eat another different poo they become Tar and you can wave bye bye to your lovely ranch. Don't say I didn't warn you. There are a few other tips I could give you for when you start your ranch but I don't want to ruin it for the purists out there who like to go in knowing nothing. If you ever want advice, shout at me on Twitter.

The money you make from selling your slimes offerings can go towards upgrading your ranch or extending it. There are also upgrades for your gun, that later especially will prove invaluable. There are new areas to explore and areas that have little builders signs up, which show that there are plans for more spaces as the game progresses.

Slime Rancher is a game I have no qualms recommending now, even in its unfinished state. I've had a few crash problems, but honestly that's probably down to how much I was trying to do at once. This game is just so fun! And I've heard a whisper that any achievements you unlock in game will unlock on your Xbox One when the game does get fully released. Win win.

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