Tuesday, 3 June 2014

I can't seem to drop this...

Since I last posted here, with my hastily written goodbye, I have done nothing but think of the fond memories I have of this blog. I LOVED IT! It was like my third baby, albeit a very neglected one! But my goodbye came at a time where I just found myself floundering, I guess I was kinda struggling with my online identity. I'm a mother, a baker, a crafter and a gamer (amongst many other things!) and these things don't necessarily go hand in hand online.

So when I decided to close this account, it was under the proviso that I would set up a new blog that would marry all the things that make me me under one virtual roof. But as alluded to above, these things just wouldn't work together. Can you imagine, my dear gamers, being forced to read a new recipe I'd found, or a DRESS pattern. Eurgh. So that blog then fell by the wayside too, as I felt unable to put my readers through that torment.

As some of you may know, I have finished my English degree and I am now throwing myself into gaining a career in teaching, BUT my dream, my passion has always been and will always be writing.  And I miss this blog so much...and I've had a few people, I admit not many, but a few telling me they miss it.

SO my new idea is this...

I'm thinking of bringing this blog back. Mostly just for the joy of it for me, so it'll be a little less structured, a little more opinion based, and just a little less time consuming. And to fill my need to blog abut my family life I'll start a separate one for anyone who wants to read it!

Does that sound ok?

Like I said in my goodbye post, I'm always floating about on Twitter, and still available at the danniekittengaming@gmaildotcom email address. In short I'm here for any chats you want to include me in. But from now on I'm going to be talking at you again on here.

I'm hoping to do this justice, I may not see the same readership as I did before but that's ok. I game because I love it and I write because I love it. So read it if you want to. But for me it just feels good to be home.

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