Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Watch Dogs -Thoughts cont.


So as you all know I've been playing through Watch Dogs recently. If you follow my Twitter account (link in the side) you will have seen me venting my frustration last night. I wanted to LOVE this game and in all honesty at the minute all I feel like I do is tolerate it. It's not that bad really. But it's not the great game we were promised either. Which I just find so disappointing. 

My progression stands at just over 50% at the minute so expect more thoughts in the coming weeks. I'm in Act II right now and I have to say that even the story is starting to grate a little (never mind the utterly tiresome Fixer Contracts!). The story is just so-so, which again isn't what I expect from a powerhouse such as Ubisoft. 

I think what the now current-gen of gaming is teaching me is that the little guys should not be overlooked in favour of the big guys. Watch Dogs has been hugely hyped for a couple of years now and so for it just to be ok is extra disappointing. If I'd gone into it with no expectations it might not have been that bad. But due to the enormous ad campaign behind it it was kinda hard to not expect more from it. 

I have played the online a little now, and have to say that I find this the most enjoyable part of the game so far. The 1v1 hacking is my favourite at this point. I love watching them getting more and more panicked as the percentage creeps up. The frantic running is pretty funny!

Anyway, as I said you can probably expect more thoughts on this game as I continue. This is by no means a proper review so don't expect a blow by blow account of what works and what doesn't. I guess this is just my way of venting frustration at a game I really wanted to love. These are my honest opinions, so if they don't change or I have nothing more to add really then I won't be posting again. For now, of I had to sun up my Watch Dogs experience in one word it would be disappointment. Bitter disappointment. 

Keep gaming people!

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