Saturday, 30 January 2016

Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations (Xbox One) - Review

Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations is available now on the Xbox One and is priced at £39.99 on the Xbox Marketplace.

I have never watched Adventure Time. I know, I know why bother reading the rest of the review? Well I'm reviewing it for everyone out there who hasn't seen it either, and who possibly has kids mithering for it because 'it looks cute'.

So yeah, I come to this game fresh out of the box, knowing nothing of the world of Ooo past what this game shows me. I have no idea why they live in a tree or even why Jake can morph into various different things in combat. I've been told the game is voiced by the same people who voice the show and that it is a representation of the Adventure Time TV show. And that, I am afraid, concludes all I can give to fans of the show. Now for anyone else who is thinking of picking up this game based on the merits of the actual game rather than a love for the original show, I have a little bit more to say...

I thought this game would be a fun little game to play with my children. An investigation game that doesn't include fine-combing a grisly murder scene or references that would swoop right over their heads and leave them bored. I was right in this, the game is quite a cutesy little point-and-click game which sees Finn and Jake investigating various crimes in Ooo. There's nothing too taxing about solving the puzzles and the children solved much of the game themselves. Like any point-and-click game it features a lot 'this person needs this before you can get through there' type quests, but my children enjoyed these greatly. My eldest is seven this week and he often complained of 'having to do the same thing over and over' so bear this in mind.

It wasn't just the repetitive fetch quests that were dull though, the combat - whilst fun for the first couple of battles - soon devolves into an extremely simplistic matter of bashing various buttons until the enemies are dispatched, which failed to even keep my three year old amused. My son actually told me all about his homework whilst not looking at the screen and still beat the baddies. It really is that easy.

Achievements are easily gained, and the game is easy to complete. There is very little chance that you'd wish to replay it, as the game is repetitive enough the first time around. The game just lacks a little polish and the gameplay is too dull and repetitive for me to be able to recommend it. If you're looking to increase the old Gamerscore and see this below £15 then pick it up, maybe.

4/10 TRY IT!
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