Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Adam's Venture: Origins (Xbox One) - Review

Adam's Venture: Origins is available now on Xbox One and is priced at £39.99.

Adam's Venture: Origins follows a guy called Adam Venture. No, really. The 'puns' surrounding this name are even worse. Anyway, we end up on a little adventure with him and Evelyn, his father's assistant.

The game at first glance looks really quite nice, but look too closely at any of it and it looks incredibly dated. There are a lot of rough edges in this game, a LOT of things are blurred and I couldn't really tell if this was intentional or not at first. The more I played the more I realised it definitely was not intentional. I had a lot of problems with graphical bugs as well, the worst one being when you have to avoid being spotted by some spotlights. I'll share the images in my Twitter after posting this review so you can see for yourself, but massive chunks of the environment went black, like the textures hadn't loaded. This made th spotlight impossible to see. I got caught a few times before it fixed itself.

The music in this game deserves a special mention, it was honestly one of my favourite things about this game. It has a really lovely soundtrack, that I turned up so it would drown out some of the awful, hammy voice acting. It is terrible. The puzzles in this game are a nice mix of fun and challenging. There are some really simple ones, but some of them will have you trying to work them out for quite awhile. It reminded me of the old Broken Sword games in some ways. I think I expected Adam;s Venture to be more of an adventure game, but I definitely felt more like I was playing a point-and-click game, and in truth, these moments were the best in the game. Some of the 'adventure' moments were just laughable. When you first get into a mine cart a little box pops up telling you that it 'isn't for the faint-hearted'. I got all excited, hoping for a few slow-mo moments as you narrowly miss falling off the edge of the track, or quickly dodge a falling rock. Nope. No such luck. Instead you go around a corner and down a slight incline. That is it. I was SO disappointed.

The game is very linear, there is no chance of getting lost here. This was slightly disappointing when you you consider it is supposed to be an action adventure game. There is no real adventure to be had, you just follow the very clear paths set out for you and solve th puzzles along the way.

All that being said though, I did enjoy my time with Adam's Venture: Origins. I can't really tell you why, either. It is in no way a blockbuster and definitely not worth the price tag, which is set lubriciously high for this game in my opinion. It was a nice relaxing game to play and I found myself picking it up over other more 'exciting' games I have. If it's on a good sale its worth picking up, even if just for the achievements.
5/10 TRY IT!
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