Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edition - Review (Switch)

I know I've already reviewed Prison Architect on Xbox One, but when the email came in about the Switch release in the middle of the school summer holidays - with many more days filled with my kids stealing my Xbox off me stretching before me - I couldn't believe my luck and replied instantly basically asking the lovely PR person to save me from the new hell that was Fortnite whenever we were at home.

Now they're not re-inventing the wheel with Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edition. If you've ever played the game before, you know what you're getting yourself in for. The Switch edition does come loaded with all of the post release DLC too though, which is an added bonus. And also you can now play it on the go, which is basically what we've always wanted for a sim game, right?? It can't be just me.

Cue to me telling you that I've now ran a prison from outside my kids' school, inside the seventh level of hell that is the Legoland Discovery Centre on an after school visit and in the waiting room for the doctor's - this last one more times than I'd have liked. I know that people might be sick of reading how people want game x, y or z brought to the Switch, but there is a good reason for it and that reason is THAT EVERYTHING FEELS BETTER ON THE SWITCH!

I mean, seriously, I have put more hours into the Switch version already than I ever did on the Xbox One. It just suits me better at the minute and I'm so grateful for all of the support that the Switch has received so far from other developers and publishers.

I haven't encountered any major issues with the game running in either docked or handheld mode, which is pretty great. I did kinda expect that there would be the choice of using touchscreen controls, though, and as of yet there aren't. This isn't a major problem for me, in fact I don't really like touching the Switch screen. But I know that could make a huge difference for some Switch owners out there.

I'm not sure whether I would tell everybody to buy this game. If you haven't played it before and are interested in the concept, go for it. It's a very fun game. If you've played some of it, enjoyed it but haven't had the chance to play the DLC yet then I'd still say that this package offers you something too. Obviously, this decision is yours to make, but I am in no doubt that my favourite place to play this game is on the Nintendo Switch, and I did already own it on the Xbox One and the PC.

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