Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Death Orb Wars (XBLIG) Review

Death Orb Wars is out now on the XBLIG Marketplace and is available for just 80MSP.

Reading the description on this game, it sounds like a lot of fun. In practice after about three or four attempts it just feels tedious.

The graphics are pretty good. Nothing mind-blowing but not so bad that they cause you to turn off. Music was ok too, but again nothing earth-shattering, a common theme in this game.
This game relies on movement. You have to dodge the orbs coming at you from every direction. So for a game that relies so heavily on movement you'd expect pretty fluid handling, right? Not so much with this game. It feels pretty clunky. Also (as far as I could see) there is no force feedback, making you pretty unaware of whether you're being hit. I had one particular round I thought I was doing pretty well at, as far as I could see I wasn't being hit. And then I died. Huh.

In my opinion this game isn't innovative enough to be considered a must-buy. Yes, not all games on my must-buy list are new ideas, but they are good at what they're doing. This game just isn't that good. It is only 80MSP so it's not too much money too waste, but still I don't really see anyone playing this game for more than an hour, if that.
3/10 SKIP IT!
A code was provided for the purpose of this review.

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