Friday, 16 November 2012

Snops Attack! Zombie Defense (XBLIG) Review

Snops Attack! Zombie Defense is out now for the very fair price of 240MSP. Find it on the XBLIG Marketplace!

Snops Attack! is a vertical-scrolling bullet frenzy that sees you fighting against wave after wave of zombie cats and their alien friends. So what do we do when Zombie cats are attacking? Send in an extremely cute Lhasa Apso of course!
When I first heard about this game I thought it sounded a little bit mental...but mental in a good way. It turns out that this game is mental in a GREAT way!
The visuals are stunning, we're honestly not losing anything by it being a 2D game it really does look beautiful. And best of all I never noticed any lag or dodgy graphics when the screen was absolutely full of enemies, flashing guns etc etc. It handled really well where a lot of games may have struggled.
The music is really fun too. Overall it all comes together to just make for a simple fun experience.

The controls are easy to master, the game however is not which gives it longevity. After each wave of zombiefied cats there is a huge variant of one of the enemies that acts as the boss for that level. I found the first few of these pretty easy but the games does get pretty difficult. Not so difficult that you start hating the game though, just difficult enough that you'll keep picking it up to try and get further!
If this had had a few more features I believe this could easily have been a lower priced XBLA Game. It's the type of game that first attracted me to XBLA and XBLIG titles, fun, simple, pick up and play action. Everyone should try it out!

8/10 BUY IT!
A code was provided for the purpose of this review.

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