Friday, 13 March 2015

Riptide GP2 (Xbox One) - Review

Riptide GP2 is out now on Xbox One priced at £3.99.

Yes you read that correctly, an Xbox One game that is less than a fiver! This price point is quite possibly this games largest saving grace. Who can argue with paying less than the price of a McDonald's for a game? Well I can, for one. Even though I do actually believe that this may be the cheapest game available onto Xbox One (is it? Let me know if you find cheaper!) I cannot recommend that you buy it. I am sorry, but let me explain...

I love my readers. I want you to be happy. I want to help you spend your hard earned cash on entertainment that is WORTH IT. And I just can't say that Riptide GP2 is.

Even the tricks can't keep this game interesting.
I believe that the main problem with this game is that it is a port from a previous release onto mobile devices in 2013. Yikes. Now this may work for many games, and indeed it has, but for this it just does;t. It feels like you're playing a mobile game. It is an enormous grind to feel like you're getting anywhere, which I think may be remnants of the free-to-play model on mobile. You have to earn stars to unlock future levels, which many games have pulled off with aplomb but in this it just leaves you incredibly bored. The levels just don't have enough diversity to keep you going. The AI is incredibly fierce in their fight for pole position, leaving you sometimes having to repeat the already repetitive races so as to unlock some more inevitably boring tracks.

You can buy new jet-skis, but they're insanely expensive so you will end up just upgrading your existing ski to the hilt. The numbers count in this game. You need them all to be as high as possible to stand a chance of winning but the upgrade menu (along with the regular menus really) are incredibly non-intuitive making it a drag to do any of the tasks. You can complete tricks in certain parts of the tracks, but even these feel tired.

Overall this is a game that feels like it has already had its day. It feels like a tired old man, desperately trying to compete on the consoles of today. And the sad news is that even at the really low price point it just can't. There is local multiplayer so that accounts for one star below, but there is no online multiplayer, which just seems like a silly decision really. If you are really really missing an arcade style racer then yeah I suppose you should get it, but for anyone else I'd say skip it.

3/10 SKIP IT!
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