Monday, 20 July 2015

Toro (Xbox One) - Review

Toro is available now on the Xbox One and is priced at £15.99.                        

I will begin this review with a brief WTF moment. First of all I hope by now that you see that I truly consider the price of a game before I recommend it to you, my dear readers, and notice that it is very rare that I recommend a relatively unknown title that is priced this highly. Secondly, where the hell did you get this price from Reco Technology?! Seriously?!

Now even if the game was good, which it really isn't, I'd likely say wait for a sale. Consider that it is a game centring around a bloodsport that is pretty much only still popular in its country of origin and I'd probably say skip it altogether. Hey, I'm not gonna preach at ya, if you wanna play at being a bullfighter then go right ahead, but do yourself a favour and find a better game to do it on!

Have I accidentally put a PS1 disc in?!
I'm gonna keep the text brief and let the picture speak for itself with this review. The music in this game is great, really authentic feeling. The ambient sounds, not so much. Graphically the game is appalling, which is a real shame as the loading screens are actually pretty beautiful, and show some real potential. But no. Reco Technology saved the pretty for the loading screens and gave us graphics circa 1996 for the actual game. GREAT decision guys! Gameplay is dull and unresponsive, and in all honesty playing it is a complete chore. Even navigating the menu is a pain in the arse, no analogue stick allowed on these fugly menus! 

Honestly, skip this game, even if it is a free Game with Gold at some point in the future. It's not worth the download time or the HDD space. It joins Tower of Guns in the list of games I have uninstalled from my harddrive. This was SO bad though that I'm tempted to go back to Tower of Guns and be nicer to it. Hmmm, maybe not.
It could have been SO much better!
              0/10 SKIP IT!
A code was provided for the purpose of this review.

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