Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Cosplay Maker (Steam) - Review

Cosplay Maker is available now on Steam and is priced at £10.99, though it currently has 25% off.

Cosplay Maker is basically a time management game that revolves around the cosplaying world. I haven't ever really cosplayed in my life - I mean, I've done fancy dress but I've never gotten involved in the cosplay scene past going to Comic Con with the family (although next year I TOTALLY want us to go as The Incredibles). I just think that cosplaying requires a lot of time, money and patience - none of which I possess much of.

So in Cosplay Maker you play as a newcomer to the scene. You must research outfits, make them and work to earn the money for them, all whilst navigating your way through the social circles (and even dating some of them). The art style is cute and the story is alright. But goddamn the music is annoying, I turned it off after half an hour as I couldn't face any more repetition. The game itself is repetitive enough to deal with...

I'm a big fan of management games and have been known to spend hours and hours on them. But Cosplay Maker bored me within the first fifteen minutes. Let me explain...All the gameplay basically takes place in a diary. You have a very basic diary screen that has three blanks to fill in; Mon-Fri (daytime), Mon-Fri (nights) and Weekends. You have a few different options you can place into these time slots, including the options to work on your outfit, work your job, relax, research, or socialise with friends. The problem is that you have to put these in for the whole slot, you can only do three of these things per week. So you could say work your job every day Monday to Friday, and work on your outfit every night but you're soon gonna get burnt out doing that and the next week you;d have to make up for it. It just seems like a really sloppy way to put a management mechanic into a game. In my opinion if you;re going to base an entire game around the idea of making cosplays then you should be able to manage your time in hourly slots, not entire weeks. It was also a problem if you finished your outfit in the middle of the week as you would "continue" to work on it until the end of the week.

I found myself setting a week going and then pottering off to do things around the house whilst the in game week passed - not really what I sit down to game for. Maybe I'm just not the target audience of this game, but I just don't see how this game could constitute anyones idea of fun.

2/10 SKIP IT!
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