Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Guess Who's Back?

First off I just want to thank anyone reading this for sticking with me through the blog's hiatus. It was a tough decision to take a step back - one I didn't take lightly - but, ultimately it is what I needed to do for my family. You don't just bounce back into this type of thing after you hear a terminal cancer diagnosis. Or I don't anyway. I needed to take a minute (or a couple of months) and just let it sink in, I guess. We're dealing with it and looking into other options. After the next scan I think we'll have to get a GoFundMe (or something of that ilk) page up so we can actually get her the treatment. One step at a time though, eh?

I think that's what these last few months have really taught me. I am an anxious person and waiting for news/treatment/whatever patiently just doesn't come naturally to me. When we first heard her diagnosis I was constantly sick because nobody was doing anything. It felt like wasted time. Now that treatment has started, I see that starting it earlier would have been horrendous. She was recovering from an infected surgical wound after her op last summer, a wound that actually still has a tiny bit of healing to do. Cancer treatment wipes you out. She is THE strongest person I know, but even she has found she has had to accept our help. Imagine doing that when you still have a gaping wound in your abdomen. It would have been incredibly dangerous. So I'm becoming more at peace with waiting. Sometimes doing nothing IS the best thing, a concept I had never really considered before.

Anyway, this wasn't meant to be a long maudlin story. I originally started typing my next review, but felt I couldn't go straight back into it without offering at least a little in the way of explanation. So I started to do that in the introduction and felt bad on the game. It didn't need to have this negativity forever stuck next to it, they both deserve a post of their own.

Anyway, I'm back - for now. Thanks for giving me the time I needed. And thanks for sticking with me.

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