Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Game of Thrones Episode One (Xbox One) - Review

Ethan - House Forresters 'Little Lord'
I have been eagerly awaiting this game since its announcement, which feels like ages ago! I am a huge fan of both Game of Thrones and basically any game Telltale have released. I love what they do with each universe, and the first episode of their new Game of Thrones series is no different.

You play as various members of the House Forrester, as well as the Lord's squire, Gared. The game starts off at the Red Wedding(!) and seeing as the House Forrester have been loyal Stark banner men for centuries, you can guess it isn't going to go well...

You didn't get to see much of Tyrion Lannister *sob*
Now that's where the spoilers begin and end from me. I won't go into the story too much, as it will be much better experienced naturally when you decide to pick up the game (which you will!). I did stream it on my Twitch channel ( and will be doing another play through making different decisions in the her future. So keep an eye on my Twitter to see when that is happening.

In this first episode you play as three people...Gared the squire, Ethan the 'Little Lord' and Mira - Ethan's sister who is in Kings Landing with Maergery Tyrell. This playing as multiple characters was something I didn't think would bring much to the table in all honesty, but it pans out great. With each decision you make as one character the game is forcing you to think about how that may effect the rest of the House Forrester. It really does feel true to the Game of Thrones experience. Theres something I did playing as Mira that hasn't had an affect yet, so I am very eager toe ee when that will come back into play, and probably bite me in the ass!

Ramsay Snow and Lord Whitehill
There are many moments in this short episode (completed in about 2hr 30 mins) that are completely jaw-dropping and I was definitely not ready for the episode to end when it did - much like the television series! The pacing of it is great, the graphics are exactly what you would expect from the brilliant Telltale and the characters you meet from the show are brilliant! Cersei and Ramsay in particular are instantly recognisable and just as nasty as they are in the show!

My one criticism for this game is that it just wasn't long enough. I want more, much more and the wait for the next episode is going to kill me. I could have seen more of Tyrion too, because why the hell would you not want to?! And given that this game series takes place between the Red Wedding and the upcoming Season Five I do wonder how much of him we are going to see....

Queen Bitch...I mean Cersei
If you are a fan of Game of Thrones then this should already be downloading! If you're not then I do question your mental health but I can honestly whole-heartedly still recommend this game. It has enough nods to the series to keep a die hard fan happy, but you don't necessarily have to watch the show to be able to enjoy the game. It is a stand alone story which doesn't have an effect on the show, it gives us an entirely new family never seen before in the show so try it and you never know, maybe you'll like the show too. At any rate I think everyone should be buying this game! Buy it and buy it now!

10/10 BUY IT!
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