Thursday, 10 March 2016

Layers of Fear (Xbox One) - Review

Layers of Fear is available now on the Xbox One and is priced at £15.99.

Layers of Fear has now left Early Access and has come to Xbox One in all of it's completed glory and silly old me, decided to review it. Because apparently I'm not the type of person who hides behind a sofa at the mere hint of a jump-scare.

The above is a complete lie. I buy horror games thinking I can do it, that I'm not as soft as I think I am etc etc, and inevitably end up quitting out five minutes later because I can't cope with the stress of it. My family decided to do run throughs on the timed mode in Alien: Isolation and I almost constantly had my hands over my face just watching my brother and my dad play. When it came to my turn I screamed so loud I woke one of my children up and my mum shouted at me. Oops.

So I did plan on streaming Layers of Fear, initially. I thought people would possibly delight in seeing me struggle to continue, looking like a bad extra in a found-footage horror film. Thankfully I decided to try out the game first and ultimately decided on sparing you from my terrified shrieks. You're welcome. I've since read that some people are slating Layers of Fear, saying that it isn't scary enough to constitute a horror game. I want to know whether they played a different version than I did, because I spent my time with the game utterly terrified but compelled to continue because I had a review to do. So thanks guys, for forcing me to be a tiny bit brave.

I think I found this game worse because I am quite OCD about going around inspect every corner of a game world. I want to pick up every piece of paper, peek in every cupboard. This can get very time consuming. The kitchen in Layers of Fear took me forever to get out of because I lost track of which cupboards I had opened so had to start again - only to find there was nothing of interest in them anyway. But in Layres of Fear, as well as being time consuming it really adds to the tension. This game could possibly have cured my OCD, as after awhile I gave up wanting to look in every nook and cranny and just walked around with my head down until it became clear the game wouldn't progress unless I looked up and actually did something. Meanie.

I don't really know what else to say about a horror game. I don't want to go into story because I don't want to spoil anything. I guess I could tell you that the graphics are pretty damn good, but just looking at screens can show you that. The atmosphere is fantastic in this game, perfect really. I was super scared throughout my play through and can't really say I properly enjoyed my time with the game, because that would probably make me a fairly sick individual. But I definitely had an experience, albeit one that I wanted to end quickly. I don't agree with the people who said it was;t scary at all, but I guess if you're a hardcore hour game fan you should probably check out more reviews and opinions and decide for yourself. This game petrified me, but maybe that just means I'm a soft arse.

8/10 BUY IT!
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