Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Prif Freedom 1 Headset (PS4) - Review

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I have never used a headset like the Freedom 1 from Prif before. It's a single ear-piece bluetooth headset, much like the ones that used to be used for hands-free phonecalls in your car. At least I don't think anyone uses them for that anymore. It clips onto your ear and attaches to your PS4 via dongle. Easy-peasy.

It really is very simple to set up and use, but it took me ages to get it attached to my ear everytime I wanted to use it. This didn't get better with experience, I must just have odd-shaped ears or something, because even trying the different sized ear piece didn't help me. I just couldn't get it on comfortably, so much so that I couldn't bear using the headset for more than an hour - I had to keep reattaching it to my ear and when I did get it attached it dug in horribly. As well as the different sized ear-pieces, you also get another faceplate in the box so that you can customise the look of your headset. I prefer the look of the black one that it comes with, but I'm sure there are people out there that would appreciate the look of the camo one. 

I'd expect a headset like this to really struggle with sound quality, but I have to say that's not true. Obviously the sound isn't as good as the traditional stereo headsets but it's plenty good enough to hear your friends easily. There is also a really good feature that allows you to press a button and hear your own voice so you know you're not deafening your friends and that they can hear you clearly. This is actually a real worry because the microphone isn't on a long wire as is the usual, you do find yourself talking quite loudly to make sure your party can hear you. Use the Voice Monitor to check you're not going a little over the top. 

This headset is below £25 which would usually make it a pretty cheap headset. I do think that there are better headsets on the market for only £5 more though with more bells and whistles. If it wasn't for how uncomfortable I found the Freedom 1 I'd have given it a much higher score but I found it very uncomfortable to use, despite how well it worked. It did work well and the Voice Monitor is a great addition to any streamers out there who want to make sure they're being heard clearly, but I'd say make sure you are able to wear a bluetooth headset comfortably before making the purchase. 

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