Thursday, 10 March 2016

Prison Architect: Xbox One Edition (Xbox One) - Preview

Prison Architect: Xbox One Edition is available now for Xbox One and is priced at £19.99. It is currently in the Early Access section of the Xbox One Marketplace.

I was super excited when I first heard that Prison Architect was coming to Xbox One. I LOVE this game on PC but I love gaming on consoles more, so whenever I get the chance to play nine times out of ten I turn to a console. I was eager to try this one out but as the weeks went by and we got closer to the Early Access release I started to get worried. How well would the controls work without a keyboard and mouse? Would the game translate well onto our home consoles?

Well the answer is a resounding YES! I should have trusted the developers more, as they have delivered a fantastic experience onto the Xbox One. I'd argue that the controls work slightly better on the XB1 version than they do on PC, but maybe that's just because I am more at home with a controller. Prison Architect: Xbox One Edition works perfectly, much better than I had imagined it could.

Now obviously it is still in Early Access (I think I may have already mentioned that once or twice, haha) so there are things planned that will come in the future, including some of the scenarios for the Campaign mode and 'World of Wardens' which will allow players to share prisons. It doesn't have Achievements yet - I know that that's something that turns some people off - but they'll come eventually.

Prison Architect: Xbox One Edition is a game that already offers so much and yet still has so much more to give. I know I will be losing a lot of my time to this game. When any big updates come out I will come by and update this review. As far as I'm aware no date or price has been announced for the full release but I imagine it'll be more expensive when it does come out of Early Access (as was the case with Elite Dangerous). If it's something you think you'll ever have an interest in, pick it up now. Personally, I love to watch the games in Early Access coming together to be the final product, and as I mentioned this game has more than enough to keep you busy for now. I'm not going to give a score to a game that isn't fully released, but I have no qualms in recommending this game as it is now.

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