Friday, 14 September 2012

Face-Plant Adventures (XBLIG) Review

Face-Plant Adventures is now on XBLIG for the bargain price of 80MSP. And this game really is a bargain.
You play as a plant with a face, never would have guessed from the title eh? And using this plant you have to bounce and slide your way around the beautifully designed levels.
This game really is beautiful to look at, the levels are well drawn and the backgrounds are gorgeous. The character not-so-much but we'll let that one pass.
What I can't let pass is the controls. Most things are quite slick, responsive and react in a way you'd expect. But jumping is a whole other thing. When you jump you suddenly become this big blob of unresponsive heavy plant. Most times I landed on spikes or goo simply because I couldn't for the life of me judge the jump correctly. Sometimes the plant reacted like a ball of tar and others it was like a feather. It did get pretty annoying.
However this game is a brilliant platformer, it actually reminded me a lot of Splosion Man, which is definitely not a bad comparison. It is plenty of fun when you just want half an hour of casual gaming. Everything is well-explained without being jarring and the visuals are pretty stunning.
At 80MSP if you have ever loved a platform game or have dabbled with trying one then this is a definite MUST BUY!
7/10 BUY IT!
A code was provided for the purpose of this review.

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