Monday, 10 September 2012

Indie Games Uprising III

Yeah so up to now I've managed to secure all but two or three of the Indie Uprising games. So when you see the little picture above it means that below it you are being treated to a review of one of the featured games! Cool, eh?
Many thanks to all the developers involved and to the coordinators. Why not jump over to Twitter and show them some love?

@DaveVoyles Coordinator
@michaelartsxm Coordinator and developer of Sententia
@hermitgames Developer of qrth-phyl
@tricktale Developer of Diehard Dungeon
@SmudgedCat Developer of Gateways
@aheydeck Developer of Smooth Operators
@Autotivity Developer of Entropy
@AdventureMtn Developer of City Tuesday
@GristmillStudio Developer of XenoMiner
@ratchetgames Developer of Pixel

Indie Games are usually where creativity is at the core of the game and for these games to be featured in the Uprising they're obviously pretty special. Make sure to be here each day to read my thoughts on the days Indie offerings. 

Indie Games Uprising III runs from Sept 10th until Sept 20th. Enjoy!

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