Saturday, 15 August 2015

Squid Hero for Kinect (Xbox One) - Review

Squid Hero for Kinect is available now on the Xbox One and is priced at £7.99.

The Kinect is a really underused gadget in most houses now, used mostly just to tell your TV to turn down or whatever. It feels like many developers have forgotten about it, but that's not true for Virtual Air Guitar Company who have released Squid Hero for Kinect for all those Xbox owners yearning to use their Kinects.

The same developer released Boom Ball for Kinect awhile back, which I was lucky enough to review as well. It was brilliant, the Kinect was used perfectly and was SO responsive.

Unfortunately Squid Hero doesn't quite reach the same heights in my opinion. My son usually helps me review Kinect games as he is a good test of how well the Kinect actually works and for Squid Hero, it seemed to really struggle to pick him up. Part of the problem was the sheer space this game requires for you to actually be able to play. Single player was fine, the Kinect worked well and picked us both up ok, although we couldn't drop in and out at will. It was in 2 player mode that we really struggled. The game wants you to stand in a specified point on your floor, but that space was just not available to me. I could have moved all the furniture out of the room and still not be able to play.

The game itself, when it works, is just ok certainly not good enough to warrant putting up with the constant drop offs I seemed to encounter where the game paused and asked you to reposition yourself for what felt like the 100th time. Graphics are cutesy but nothing groundbreaking. Gameplay is much the same, ok but nothing groundbreaking, you just move your arms around to move your squid, collecting coins along the way.

Unless you're really aching for a new Kinect game to stretch your arms with then I'd say skip out on this one.
3/10 SKIP IT!
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